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In the Name of Allah, The Most Graciuos, The Most Kind

The best of Muslim culture:

Hoja Nasreddin stories  

My favorite story:  

Smell of the food and sound of money

One day a poor and hungry visitor took a piece of bread from his pocket and hold it over a hot cauldron food at a open restaurant window. The dry bread became softer and he began to eat it but the restaurant keeper stoped him for fee of the food steam. The poor visitor had no money and they decided to go to judge.
Our Hodja was the judge of the town and listened carefully both men. Hodja took some golden coins from his purse and show them to the restaurant keeper.
- Come here, please! said to him.
When he came to receive coins, Hodja jingled the coins in the palm of his hands to the man's ear.
- Now the fee was paid, said Hodja.
- What is that all about? the restaurant keeper wondered and asked.
- Justice! Hodja replied, the sound of money is a fair compensation for the smell of the food.

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