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From: David K <>
Newsgroups: msn.forums.israel.jewish.humor
Date: 07 December 1997 03:20
Subject: Jewish Curses

Jewish culture has long abhorred violence. There is even a story of a
nineteenth century Jew that was forced to accept a duel, and then says, "But
if I'm late, start without me."

Instead, Jews discharge their anger through verbal rather than physical
abuse. Here are some of the nastiest Yiddish curses translated to English:

May all your teeth fall out, except one. And that one should ache you.

May you win a lottery, and spend it all on doctors.

May you live in a house with a hundred rooms, and may each room have its own
bed, and may you wander every night from room to room, and from bed to bed,
unable to sleep.

May you grow so rich that your widow's second husband never has to worry
about making a living.

May you grow two more hands to scratch all your itches.

May you back into a pitchfork and grab a hot stove for support.

May you have lot of money, but you should be the only one in the family with

If you know of any more, let us know about them!

Yes, I stole it, but it's funny anyhows!

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