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I am posting a couple of articles of Egyptian legal code, it answers some questions discussed here earlier.
Law No. 25 of 1920, as amended by Law No.100 of 1985
Chapter One: On Maintenance
Part One 
Article 1.
Maintenance for the wife shall ve incumbent upon her husband from the date of the valid contract if she submits herself to him, if only legally, even if she is wealthy or of a different religion to him.
Maintenance shall comprise food, clothing, accommodation, the cost of medical treatment and anything else prescribed by the Shari'a.
Maintenance shall be deemed a debt owed by the husband from the date he refrains from paying obligatory maintenance.  This debt shall not cease unless it is paid or excused.
Article 2.
The maintenance of a divorced woman who is entitled to maintenance shall be considered a debt as in the preceding Article from the date of the divorce.
Law No 25 of 1929, as aminded by Law No 100 of 1985
1 - Divorce
Article 3
Talaq to which a number is added verbally or by gesture shall be effective as a single talaq only.
Article 17
A claim for maintenance for a waiting period which exceeds one year from the date of divorce shall not be heard.
Article 18 bis
A woman with whom a valid marriage has been consummated, whose husband divorces her without her agreement and without any cause on her part shall in addition to the maintenance for her waiting peoriod be entitled to compensation (mut'a) which shall be assessed as at least two years' maintenance, taking into consideration the circumstances of teh divorce and the length of the marriage.  The divorcing husband shll be permitted to pay the compensation in instalments.
Article 18 bis 2
If a minor has no money, maintenance for him shall be incumbent upon his father.
Maintenance for children shall remain incumbent on their father, with regard to a daughter until she marries or acquires enough money to support herself, and with regard to a son until he reaches the age of fifteen years and is able to earn that which is required.  If he reaches this age and is unale to earn a living due to some physical or mental weakness, or hte pursuit of education which is appropriate for a person of his status and his ability, or to the lack of opportunity to earn money, maintenance shall remain incumbent upon his father. 
The father shall be obliged to provide maintenance for his children and accomodation for tham in keeping with his means and such that the children are provided with a lifestyle which is appropriate for those of their status. 
Maintenance for the children shall be owed by their father from the date he stops supporting them. 
Article 18 bis 3
A divorced husband shall be required to provide appropriate independent accomodation for his young children by his divorced wife and for the wife who has custody of the children.  If he does not do so during the waiting period they shall continue to occupy the matrimonial home if it is rented for the duration of the period of custody.
I did not find till what age is custody in Egypt in this code.  In Hanafi Law it is 9 for girls, 7 for boys, but it is extended almost everywhere. 
Minimum age of marriage is 16 for girls, 18 for boys, it is not codified in this Law, but a marriage cannot be legally registered until that age according to a separate legal provision, and children born in a marriage not legally registered are illegitimate in the eyes of the law.
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