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In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Kind



The sites I used for my children


Islamic Activities and Worksheets Yes, it's ArabesQ again!
BBC Education Geared towards UK curicculum

5-year old


A lot of math worksheets. Watch out, some of them are repeated under different numbers, so check before printing.
Math Word Problems for Children More simple math, but the reading is hard, I had to read most of the stories.
Stories to Grow By -- Fairytales & Folk Tales Help Kids Grow We started with Andersen, "Princess and the Pea". If you print the sheets in grayscale, the pictures can be colored too!
Lesson Plan (World History) for teaching about the Indus Valley Civilization

It is for much older children, for us it was a supplement to a book on the Ancient Egypt, we just read the story, looked at the pictures, etc.
BBC Education - Words and Pictures Very good on phonics, our first stop in Internet education
Sunshine Online
Golden Hinde - an exact copy of Sir Francis Drake's ship If you can't go to see it, read about it!
Typical Course of Study - Kindergarten

2-year old

Preschool Page STAR Our absolute favorite!
Time for Teletubbies!


Preschool and Kindergarten Resources  

A very helpful assessment

Typical Course of Study - Preschool: Readiness Skills Study  

Home education/Homeschooling

ANNOUNCEMENT The list of Islamic stories for children PLUS a sample story. The best collection of resources for Islamic homeschooling.

STAR Education Otherwise - British home educators' home Classical Christian Homeschooling - some interesting ideas.  

Homeschooling families

The Muslim Learning Home

I Love Homeschool - newsletter


Resources for Arab-American Children


Kaplan -SCORE! Corporate


Other resources

The Learning Kingdom
The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home.
Wide Horizon Newsletters:
a resource for teaching Ancient History
Course Studies: Grades K/12
Kathryn Stout's Teaching Help Column
Talib Al 'Ilm
Islamic Media, Video, Software, Audio, Books for Muslims or
Online videos are available on this site --The Science Research Foundation

What is the theory of evolution, What was Darwin's assertion?
The science of the 19th Century is unable to explain the origins of life. The evidence of creation that evolution is unable to explain: DNA.
Structure of the proteins cannot be explained by chance.
The transitional forms that have never existed.

The scenario of the evolution of man.
Scientific fraud of the evolutionists.
Scientific fraud of the evolutionists.

The Fact of Creation: The Creator of The Heavens, The Earth and all those between them is ALLAH.

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