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In the Name of Allah, The Most Graciuos, The Most Kind


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I do not surf the Web a lot, so my selection could be better if I could look for more interesting sites.

I hope you will still find here something interesting.




General sites

Click here Indiscriminate collection.

Muslim education

Click here A bunch of sites for those struggling with the next generation.

Travel photos

Click here I could not help looking at these beautiful images for several hours.
Personal sites Click here Meet Muslims and Muslimahs individually.
More comparative religion Click here These sites engage in interreligious polemic rather than simply comparing religions for academic purposes.
Web communities to visit Click here The Web communities and e-mail lists I frequent and enjoy.
Muslim dress Click here I am fascinated by the beauty and variety of Muslim clothing.
Muslim music Click here There is some lovely music out there.




Personal sites


A place for your site



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