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Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

This is an unfinished job.
At the moment I don't quite have a concept of how to group and describe these sites.

If you have a suggestion or can make a comment on any of them, please, forward it to me, and I can, inshaAllah include it in the comment box.

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General sites Charities


Books Questions answered




General sites:

I do not belong to any particular group out of the abundance in the Ummah today.

The sites here represent different views, without any discrimination between the Salafi, traditional, Sufi or any others. I believe that every individual can excercise their own judgement, and for those who do follow a particular view, it is beneficial to look at the others and consider their opinion too.


Islamic Gateway

No reccomendation needed!


Recital of the Quran

Quran in MP3:
sample files and further info at


Mas'ud Ahmed Khan's
Home Page or

Material of very high academic standard.
Ibn Abbas Institute

The Canadian Society of Muslims

Educational articles from a Sunni-Hanafi perspective
Islamic books, audio and video, and assorted products for adults or children


Islamic publishers

Book Sellers and Book Publishers

This site has links to a dozen organisations, very useful indeed.



Council of Muslim Theologians, South Africa. Questions answered by Mufti Ebrahim Desai, Fatwa Dept. Increadible number of topics, but few references
Questions and Answers
by Sheikh Muhammad S. Al-Munajjid

All topics covered. From the Salafi perspective.
Understanding Islam Includes a Q-A section  

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Islamic Banner Exchange
Islamic Banner Exchange
Click here to see a List of Members


I strongly dislike certain things in this publication, but you may think differently.
Halaqah Online

Regular updates, good reading
Al Risala Forum International

A link to the Muslims of Brisbane, Australia

Student Islamic society on the other side of the world.
Muslim Women's Help Network

Islamic News and Information Network

Up-to date news every day

3600 newspapers on the NetGreat site!

Newspapers from everywhre in the world, in all languages!



Muslims online

The World Assembly of Muslim Youth(WAMY)  
As-sunnah Foundation of America  
Path to Knowledge  
"AHYA Call and Guidance Center".  
Islaam In Motion Film Productions  

An opportunity exists for someone to help develop web content for non muslim. Women who have no idea about islam. This is for dawah inshallah and will be hosted on

The womens page will be aimed at women who do not know the beauty of Islam.
It is aimed at educating them about Islam, and dispelling the negetive stereotypes that exist in society. The site will attempt to show them that there is more to life than the 9am-6pm work shift etc! The content should be brief, attractive and appealing and in strict accordance with Quran & Sunnah. It will be for dawah for city folk etc inshallah. Basically a visitor should read the material you prepare and go away feeling that Islam is something worth investigating!

Ideally you will be (a) revert sister(s) who has has seen both sides. I welcome your feedback and perhaps a few sisters would like to work on this together via email to get this done. I would prefer knowledgable sisters developing this than men (but men will have to do this if no volunteers come forward) Perhaps there are sites you have already created that fit the bill that we can mirror.

You do NOT need to know ANY web design. Basically you will decide what text and photos will go on the page. You will NOT be PAID. It is for dawah , the reward is with allah inshallah.

If interested, please email: for info and to discuss how best to go about doing the above. All collaboration will be via email. PS no cult or sect members please. The content must not be slanted towards joining "this group" or that. It must be a pure call towards islam. Finished content will be reviewed by a panel of knowledgable muslims to check for its "Islamicness"

Islamic Resources

Free Muslim Resources Page    
Islamic calligraphy    
Learn Salah with Pictures and Sound!

Qur'an and Sunnah Net Group

FLD / Dar Al Fatah  
Naqshbandi Homepage  
Latin American Muslim Unity
History of Islam in Latin America  


Converts to Islam page  
IslamiCity in Cyberspace or  
Muslim directory of U.K.  
Islam and science  



is a web site currently providing the following services:

  • 1.  A  unique Search Engine that provides information regarding Islam and links to Sites that are of Interest to Muslims. {Ask Musalman}.

  • 2.  Direct Link to the US Congress. Send a prewritten email message to your Congessman.


  •     Muslim News and Multi Media Gateway: Links to news, audio and video sites around the world.

  • 4.  Event Listing. Submit your event. Events of National Interest are provided Free Banners on the Home Page.

  • 5.  Matrimonial Links.

  • 6.  CharityNet: Appeals from Organizations serving the interest of the community are announced on the charitynet page.

  • 7. Employment Opportunities. Links to Employment sites around the world.




My local Mosque

It runs a girls school and plenty of events too.

They seem to be doing fascinating work in some areas of the ex-USSR.
Islamic human rights commission  
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee  
Association of Islamic Charitable Projects: A voice of moderate Muslims.
Ibn Sina Society of Science & Technology This is a new org. in urgent need of donations.


A list of links sent to me by brother Hussam.

NOTE: I have removed from his list the links already included in mine.



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Someone has suggested
that Muslims unreasonably ignore
the subject of female circumcision.
Because I sometimes have the same feeling,
I am including a link to an
forwarded to me a while ago,
which informs us of the problem,
how it is being dealt with,
and clearly indicates that the problem
is in no way limited to Muslims.

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