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We have started a list for

Kids Islamic Stories

for children 4-9. Mothers are always looking for Islamic stories to read to their children. Stories are an interesting way to teach.

Our Islamic stories cover Islamic studies and academics ---from facts in the Qur'an , hadith, maths, geography and history to character development all linked to Islamic values and facts.

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Jazakallahu Khairan

List Moderator
Sis. Shamima Rasoolbhoy (author, teacher and mother)
Ustaz Qais Faryadi ( Shariah, International Islamic University Malaysia)

Asalaam alaikum,

Here is a story sent in by Sis. Norma Tarazi. Alhamdulillah.


                          New Pants for Anwar
                            By Norma Tarazi

 Anwar felt so good.  He had had more than enough money to buy gifts for Eid tomorrow for his family.  An hour spent in the market produced some very good buys, a pretty new scarf for his mother, a good jacket for his wife, a pink blouse for his grown daughter, and a pair of blue pants with a bunny motif for her baby, his granddaughter.  Now he looked down at his old worn pants, with their old worn patches.  Didn't he have enough for new pants for himself?  A stop at the tailor's shop found that he did.  The new pants were just right around the waist. But about 2 inches too long.  Anwar asked the tailor to shorten them, but they wouldn't be ready for the Eid if he left them, so Anwar took his new pants home with all his other gifts.  At home, Anwar showed his wife the jacket he had bought her.  He was so happy.  "I bought these new pants for myself, but they are 2 inches too long.  Could you shorten them for me?" he asked her.  "Oh no dear.  I haven't finished making cookies for tomorrow.  I have too much work in the kitchen.  Ask your mother.  She sows so well and she should have more time."  

Anwar went next to his mother's house and presented her with the new scarf he had bought for her.  "Oh, this is lovely, my boy.  Thank you so much," said his mother.  "I bought these new pants for myself, but they are 2 inches too long. Could you shorten them for me?" he asked.  "Why doesn't your daughter do anything for you?  I planned to spend the evening in prayer," she answered.
 Anwar went next to his daughter's house, and presented her with the new pink blouse for herself and the pair of blue pants with a bunny motif for her baby, his granddaughter.  She was so happy.  "I bought these new pants for myself, but they are 2 inches too long. Could you shorten them for me?" he asked her.  "I haven't finished sewing for my husband yet, Daddy.  Couldn't Mom or Grandma do it?  They sew so much better than me," she replied.
 Anwar went hom and took out his wife's sewing boy.  Very carefully he cut 2 inces from the bottom of the pants and hemmed them up again.  Then he folded the pants and put them on the closet shelf for the next day.

 The Eid came and Anwar's mother and daughter stopped by, wearing their new clothes, on their way to the Eid prayer.  Their eyes were shining.  Each one had a secret.  Anwar's wife put on her new jacket.  She was smiling with a secret too.  Anwar went to the bedroom to put on his new pants. Suddenly, a scream came from the bedroom.  The women came to the door to look in.  Anwar was standing there, in his new pants, but the pants barely came down below his knees.  They were too, too short.  "What happened to my new pants?" he cried.
"But I only cut off 2 inches!" cried each of the three women at once.  Then they all looked at each other in surprise.
"When you left my house yesterday I thought to myself, Anwar is such a good son.  I can hem his pants and still have lots of time to pray.  So I came over and hemmed them up yesterday afternoon.  The hemming job I took out was so bad.  It needed my attention.  And I only cut off 2 inches," said Anwar's mother.
When you left my house I thought to myself, really I have such a kind and gentle father.  I rushed through my own sewing and had time to slip over here at Maghrib and hem up your pants for you," said his daughter.  My husband took care of the baby for me so I could be free.
"I finished my baking and saw that I still had some time before bed so I took your pants down from the closet and hemmed them up to surprise you this moring, Dear, because you are such a good husband," said his wife.
"But I had already hemmed them up myself!" said Anwar.
"Well take them off and let's get out the cut off pieces and see what we can do," said Anwar's mother.
The women worked quickly and sewed the bands of cloth back on the ends of the pant legs.  Allah blessed their work and the pants came out to be exactly the right length.
"I sill have patches on my pants, but they are new patches.  Thanks be to Allah," said Anwar, and the whole family went to the Eid prayer together.