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Suzy's page! Comparative Religions: Islam, Judaism, Christianity

As-salamu 'Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu.

Peace and blessings to everyone.


to the least entertaining page you could ever imagine:


Why would I do this?

1.) I love to study and I want to share the knowledge I gain with everyone who is interested.

2.) I shall post here the essays I'll be writing in the course of this year, and I am hoping to receive comments too!!!

I am studying Comparative Religions, focusing on Islam and Judaism.

See you soon!

To read the text below, please, switch to the Cyrillic alphabet.

А теперь по-русски:

Я собираюсь поместить здесь тексты моих работ, которые мне придется писать в течение этого учебного года. Я рассчитываю на Ваши комментарии и замечания!!!

Я изучаю Сравнительное Религиоведение.

До встречи!

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Material on the Islamic schools of thought (Madhabs).

Comparative Fundamentalism.

My essays:

Fundamenatalism and scripture

Islamic law again: Discuss the relative importance of the main sources of Islamic Law during the formative period of its development.
Role of scripture in Judaism and Islam: "The Bible has not been important in Jewish life so much as has the idea of the Bible" (Cantwell Smith).

An essay on Maimonides' 13 principles

"Inventing the Bible": Popular Muslim literature agaist Judaism and Christianity.
A study of one hadith: Hadith as a source of socio-historical information.

Position of non-Muslims in the Muslim lands, laws and practice.

The right of a marriage guardian to contract his ward in marriage without her consent.

To what extent is this right being affected by the legislation in the Middle East?

An extract from the Egyptian code of marriage and divorce

What is the place of historical memory in the Jewish Festivals

Material on the interreligious polemics.

Muslim-Jewish polemics
Christianity and Christian-Muslim dialogue + (Links)

Announcing the launch of a Jewish-Muslim student forum.

Notes from some of my lectures
Subject: Sacred Language and Scripture

Politics page.

The source of inspiration.

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Suzy's page! Comparative Religions: Islam, Judaism, Christianity

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