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In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Beneficient

If you surf the Web, you will find a lot of testimonies from the women who found beauty, grace and freedom in Islam.
Read them here

I shall not join them in writing another "convertion story",
the more we write about it, the more we look the same as converts to all other faiths.

We are not different ourselves, it is Islam which makes us different.

Islam can accomodate everyone,
it can reach the highest conceivable complexity,
or offer the perfect simplicity, understandable to someone who never learnt to count to 10.

And yet it has the firm and stable core,
capable of uniting all those different people.

Yes, this core is in its name:
the uncompromising belief in absolutely One God
expressed in complete submission (Islam) to His will.

No, I won't lie by saying that all Muslims are acting to fulfill the will of God
in all their actions at all times.
But understanding that one must obey is already submission, and the rest is human nature.

Of course, the question comes of how does one know that this is indeed the will of God?
I could explain the reasoning behind my belief, but everyone else will have a different answer.

Unfortunately, today the inner, spiritual character of Islam receives much less attention
than its external aspects.

There are endless debates about the status of women, clothes, beards, food, politics.
These are the means of expression
which, at times, seem to overtake the aspects they are meant to express.

I am not saying the outward is not important,
we are all conditioned by the external perceptions,
our attitude is invariably determined by appearances,
there is no point denying it.

(to be continued)

May be someone will come to realise deceit of the appearances after browsing through my page.


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